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Monday, March 17, 2014

Don't Hesitate. It's Spring!

In spite of the snowy conditions outside today, Spring officially arrives later this week. Does that mean it's time to start thinking about your remodeling projects?  Well, I would like you to think about them all year! But if you do have projects in mind for this year it's never too early to start the process.

Some of the most valuable time spent on any project is up-front design time.  This usually takes longer than most folks expect.  In fact, my average design period for a larger kitchen or other extensive renovation is about 3 months.  I have had some take as long as a year!  The important thing is not to rush this process and allow the plan to develop naturally. Decisions need to be made comfortably and without the pressure of deadlines.  Without fail, the projects that fell into place at their on pace resulted in successful builds with no regrets.  On the other hand, those that set deadlines for starting construction were often filled with unexpected hurdles and second guessing of the design decisions.  They sometimes turned into our worst type of project - "design as you go".  Most of the horror stories you hear about remodeling can be traced to this approach.  Starting construction without a thorough understanding of what the finished project will include is a recipe for disaster.

One of the many advantages to working with a design-build firm is that you have a dedicated phase in the relationship for design.  You can start that process early and flesh out your ideas and goals without being locked into a construction commitment.  The earlier you begin, the more time you have to explore your options and still meet your plan for actual project completion.  You might be surprised to find, as many of our clients do, that the design process substantially changes their goals and expectations for their home.  Its nice to have the luxury of taking a step back and considering these new options without a looming deadline to have a project completed during the summer or before some important holiday or family event.

So if you are considering a project for your home this year, my advice is don't hesitate to call and set up that initial consultation.  Its really never too early.

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