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Friday, March 14, 2014

2014 Cost Vs. Value Report

Remodeling Magazine publishes their Cost vs. Value report each year.  Here is a link to the new 2014 data:

Click here for our local data

I have found this information to be helpful for client's to establish realistic budgets and gain insight into which projects return the most for their investment.  The data is separated into Midrange and Upscale projects.  If you click on the project you will see what assumptions were used to develop the pricing and a nice 3D picture of the area.

Most of my clients are not concerned with immediate return since they plan to stay in their home for at least several more years.  It is still helpful to see what the investment adds in value once completed.  It's also encouraging to consider that your return over a longer time frame will likely be even higher and you get the added enjoyment of the space during that time!

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